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Montag, 15. März 2010, 16:20

PCENGINE360 0.1 alpha

this is an alpha release, the first one written and coded for the xbox 360 so this emulator has been only coded in big Endian it can emulate every Nec PCENGINE games and only the hardware mouse is missing.

This emulator is not a port but a full writen emulator for the xbox360 based on every docs and paterns about PCE hardware and i used hugo for the arcade Card support. supergraphx doc , pce sound generator , CDROM io , pads ,VDC , VCE ect.. .

How to use this emulator :
put every games pce , sgx , Arcade CD , cdrom images inside the pceroms folder
dont forget to put the bios rom inside the bios folder renammed as syscard.pce
This emulator needs the SuperCD Card 3.0 bios to play CDROM games .
supported formats for Hucard zip , gz , pce , sgx .
supported formats for CD game images : .iso and .bin.

Every games use 2 buttons with the exception of street fighter 2 which uses 6 buttons.
so the 6 button support is enabled when street fighter2 CE is detected.

Inganme buttons configuration :
A = Button1
X = Button2
Y = Button3
B = Button4
LB = Button5
RB = Button6
LT = SaveState
RT = LoadState

Press the Left Thumb to go back to the roms list.

For testing and answered questions
Thanks to : Lantus , r0wdy , Mathieulh ,D-BlooD, Redline99 ,SonicIso , CouRieR Momdad, Skorchir, idc, Crazie, _skitzo_, MTW, Xenon7 .

Thanks for docs and patern :
Paul Clifford , Dave , Charles Mcdonald , Zeograd's

Special Thanks to my sponsor and for Hardware support

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