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Montag, 16. April 2012, 13:21

RGH 2.0 Hack -> Team XeCuter

Team Xecuter hat heute den RGH Hack 2.0 released.

Mit dem Paket ist es nun wieder möglich alle Phat Konsolen umzubauen, die ein größeres Dashboard/Kernel haben. Zudem ist es nun möglich alle nicht Glitchfähigen Konsolen zu glitchen.

Spoiler Spoiler

Team Xecuter RGH2.0 For CoolRunner Rev A and B

We were not quite ready to release this due to it's unstable boot times on older glitch hardware, but as our code was leaked from a team member AGAIN we had to release this due to another team stealing the code and claiming as their own work. They were even too lazy to change any of the patches to make it look like their own – they are 1:1 same as our original sources. Super lame. It seems some teams think this is the Wii or PlayStation scene and you can act like this. They don't even give credits to cOz for his SMC patcher – because they didn't even know that code was from him of course.

We don't want to get dragged down into bullshit scene politics – most of you won't care anyway, but a lot of guys work very hard on this stuff only to have it stolen with no effort and no credits is just sad. Anyway……

The Xecuter RGH Development Team are pleased to announce the official release of the RGH2.0 hack for all CoolRunner Rev A and Rev B dev boards. All Phat consoles have now been defeated and are totally glitch-able without having a previous NAND dump or CPU KEY (the same applies to Slim Trinity that have been updated to 14717/14719).

We have included all of the and xebuild scripts for your convenience. Please give the correct credits if you use our work.

Xecuter RGH2.0 Features introduced:

Hack now works on new CB's (14717/14719 update)
Hack now works with all Refurbished Split CB's (4577, 5772, 6752)
Zephyr CB 4578, 4575, 4577
Falcon/Opus CB 5771, 5772, 5773
Jasper CB 6750, 6752, 6753
Trinity (Slim) CB 9188, 9230

To confirm, we can now glitch Phats with any kernel and any bootloader. As soon as you have your CPU KEY, and you are using an Xecuter DemoN you will ALWAYS be able to switch to a fully hacked NAND and it can never be stopped no matter what update you apply and no matter which efuses are blown !

Quelle: Team Xecuter - Rocking The Xbox Since 2002

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