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Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010, 09:14

360 Flash Dump Tool v0.97

>> MODFREAKz released a new version of 360 Flash Dump Tool(info), an application that will allow you to decrypt/encrypt and extract various parts of a XBOX360 flash dump and much more!

What's new/fixed:
* Improved Nand Image detection
* Added support for small XeLL Images (1,3MB)
* Added ability to extract/import Slot0/Slot1 of ZeroPaired Images [XBR/freeBOOT/small XeLL]
* Added ability to detect/convert raw Images (made with external programmer) to proper read format
* Added ability to detect/convert Images without ECC data (made with Infectus device)
* Added ability to extract/import new 'dae.bin' file [DvdAuthEx]
* Added support for "Alternate KeyVault" decrypting/extracting
* Added option to rebuild an opened Nand Image with different CPU-Key (Bootloaders/HV and generic files)
* Added option in Settings to allow randomized encryption
* Added option in Settings to allow cut short BigBlock Nand Images (64MB)
* Fixed bug, regarding to saving config block checksum at wrong offset (in rare cases)
* Changed, more accurate file extraction, automatically create subfolders
* A lot of improvements and bug fixes
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